WHY BAO Financial Group


A Global Asset Management Group Providing Investment Solutions Across Public And Private Markets Worldwide


In 2009, an asset management and financial advisory group, BAO, was established untapping the opportunities in Emerging Markets. Within the first year of operating BAO experienced a quantum leap in business growth, having multiple investment funds under management.

BAO recognised the importance of global changes in which paved the path for a new era in investment opportunities. By leveraging the insights and experiences of our global team we were able to address the needs of individual investor by offering customised strategies.

With the range of services extending and growth in all businesses led to unifying our companies and services into BAO Financial Group. This has brought together experts from various financial sectors, who acquired their knowledge through decades of professional experience. Alongside our cultural differences brought an excellent enrichment to the BAO identity.

We are constantly discovering innovative solutions by analysing investment trends, fluctuations in financial industry, cutting edge technology and growth in tandem with our investors’ requirements and interests.

BAO Group Timeline
BAO Asset Managers Ltd was founded
BAO Capital SÀRL was established in Switzerland
BAO Advisors Limited started its activity in India
Founding of BAO Capital Partners Ltd in Cyprus
BAO Accounting Services was established in Seychelles

Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to create a better financial future for our investors and outperform the market by developing innovative solutions with a global appeal.

Investor focus - We put the needs of our clients at the top of our priorities and strive to build lasting relationships by being a committed and responsible wealth manager through preserving and enhancing the value of clients’ investment portfolios.

Integrity and credibility - Trustworthiness, fairness, and consistency are strict values of our company. We continuously adhere to our established standards projecting a deep sense of integrity throughout the organisation.

Strategic depth - Using transparent management, in-depth analysis of historical market behaviour and performance data, together with research-driven strategies - we ensure that trading decisions are completely impartial and highly complementary.

Reliability - The Firm’s sophistication, history, and stability speak directly to the consistency and trustworthiness of what we offer. Over the long haul we are dedicated and disciplined, intellectual integrity and alignment of interests with our clients to enhance their returns and the funds & assets that we manage.

Innovators - We strive on creating performance-driven products and unique value propositions that leverage market opportunities to meet specific investment objectives. As valuable and exclusive wines require thoroughness, patience and time for their aging - superior investment products should involve its own recipe and time for maturation. At BAO, we are conscious of special conditions needed and possess a unique recipe for multiplying our clients’ investment.

Why BAO ?

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BAO possesses a proactive relationship with clients as well as banks and institutions. These relationships underpin our ability to add value and meet our objectives. Consequently, the customer is offered diverse options for investment with no cliché solutions and transparent reporting to satisfy the needs of our clients.

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Our team are agile thinkers with exceling experience and knowledge in Emerging and Developed Markets. Our internal processes and structures equip us to challenge the status quo with swift decision-making and comply to each market regulatory requirements. By virtue of this, we can become a bridge between the investor and this strictly operated but outstandingly opportunistic market.

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BAO provides a diverse spectrum of top-tier investment solutions and treats each investor on an individual basis. Our competence, diligence and long-term approach enables us to tailor our services precisely to individual investor’s needs and offer an in-house advice.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Investing in Sustainability

We at BAO care about environmental and social wellbeing, aiming to make a positive and sustainable difference in communities in which BAO operates and invests. To achieve this goal, BAO develops long-term relationships with high impact local non-government organisations (NGOs), which directly enhance human welfare. The attention is particularly focused on the most vulnerable: children, young people and disadvantaged communities. We also work alongside other international funders to identify and support local communities by providing solutions to their social problems.

Investing Responsibly

Our general commitment to corporate responsibility is inlayed in each investment decision we make.

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BAO Membership

EMPEA is an independent, non-profit organization - the global industry association for private capital in emerging markets. Its members share the organization’s belief that private capital is a highly suited investment strategy in emerging markets, delivering attractive long-term investment returns and promoting the sustainable growth of companies and economies.
Cyprus Investment Funds Association (CIFA) helps its members maintain consistent growth of their businesses, also being engaged in the Investment Funds Industry in Cyprus. Working under the local jurisdiction, CIFA members can benefit from the modern framework, legal transparency and support from local authorities.
The Swiss Private Equity & Corporate Finance Association (SECA) is the representative body for Switzerland’s private equity, venture capital and corporate finance industries, aiming to promote aforementioned activities in Switzerland.

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