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Abbey Road UCITS

Abbey Road Funds, domiciled in Liechtenstein, offers investment opportunities in equity securities of companies worldwide that exhibit a superior combination of positive cash flow and quality growth across various themes:

Among the highlights of the Fund:

Abbey Road Funds provide investors with an opportunity to participate in global trends while offering a secure and diversified investment platform.

Healthcare Investment: Targeting companies involved in combating pandemics and catering to ageing populations.

Infrastructure and Technology: Investing in companies involved in infrastructure development and technological advancements.

Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Services, Big Data, Digitization: Focusing on companies driving innovation in AI, cloud computing, big data analytics, and digitization.

Healthy Foods, Plant-Based Proteins, and Meat Alternatives: Investing in companies involved in the production of healthy food alternatives and plant-based proteins.

UCITS Regime: Offering complex legal protection for investors under the UCITS regime.

Diversified Portfolio: Maintaining a diversified portfolio that focuses on global trends.

Risk-Weighted Allocations: Allocating investments based on risk assessment.

Bottom-Up Approach: Utilizing a bottom-up approach in selecting companies for the portfolio based on fundamental analysis.

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