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10 Years BAO Financial Group – A Moment to Say Thank You

Updated: May 13

July marks BAO Financial Group’s 10th anniversary and we could not be more grateful for what those years have brought us. After a decade of hard work and dedication, we want to take a trip down memory lane and revisit our milestones, as well as express our appreciation to those who have chipped in to building BAO as the global asset management company it is today. 

“We have so much to be proud of since BAO was first born,” said Nayan Agarwal, Founder of BAO Financial Group. “From our first small office by the lake in Switzerland, since today we have sustained a steady growth in the financial sector, with a strong performance. We are continuously challenging and innovating our services and strategies to maintain our top game through different dynamic environments faced over the last 10 years. In addition, we are surrounded by an ambitious and consistent team that takes the role of being our compass. Our employees are our guide; they always assist us in finding the right way towards success and we recognize that we would not be in this empowered position if it wasn't for them.” 

The initial idea of BAO originated from the need to offer Swiss-quality financial services and investment solutions to the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. The importance of global changes in combination with the need to promote BAO’s values and ethics, and the quantum leap BAO experienced in its first year, the future of BAO Financial Group was locked. The Group was a commitment to unifying all of BAO’s original services under one common name and scope.  

Since 2013, the Group continues to build bridges between continents, cultures, and people. It has successfully established its presence in 4 different key locations around the globe – Cyprus, India, Mauritius, and Switzerland, with each company being regulated by its corresponding authority. That marks BAO on the global map as a well-regulated and strategically responsible company for investment advisory and management offering client-based and tailor-made solutions in emerging markets.  

Founder, Nayan Agarwal, states “Today our employees encourage us to reflect and refocus on our target, and vice-versa. We have built a communication which allows us to learn from each other and work for the same purpose, which is the overall wellbeing of BAO.” The BAO team is constructed by professionals from multiple backgrounds and experiences, who enrich our Group’s identity. This is an attribute that allows us to reflect on aspects others may not. By embracing our diversity, we are then able to make that our team’s strength. Then when you add expertise and experience on top of that it results in a strong team that can take up any challenge that comes their way and create financial tailor-made solutions with risk management and compliance. Thus, BAO is grateful to every individual in its team. The continuous support and dedication we receive from the team keep us hopeful and excited for the future. We are now more empowered and eager for what is to come, and we will not stop conquering mountains and building bridges.  


Thank you for being part of our growth,  

BAO Financial Group 

July 13th 2023



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