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BAO Financial Group support of Cricket in Cyprus

A rising opportunity to expand the culture of cricket. A game played by 2 teams, 11 players in each and loved by 2.5 billion around the world has been gaining spin on a small island in the Mediterranean Sea.  It was brought by the British military stationed in Cyprus after the Second World War and confined to the British Bases.

This game of individual skills (batting, bowling, fielding) is an enormous display of team spirit that has captivated the hearts of many, and BAO Financial Group is no exception.

In cooperation with the Cyprus Cricket Association (CCA) BAO Financial Group aims to promote the Spirit of Cricket on the island of Cyprus. A positive development that boosts motivation, builds team spirit, and supports local communities. BAO has made a commitment to support various CCA activities: matches, cups, competitions, women cricket, and cricket educational events.

Cyprus Cricket Association is the national governing body for cricket in the Republic of Cyprus and an associate member of International Cricket Council (ICC).

Muhammad Husain the Chairman of CCA, expresses appreciation to BAO Financial Group for its contribution towards the development of cricket on the island. “Cricket has a huge global following, however, in Cyprus it is still in its formative years. We have seen increased interest in cricket in Cyprus in recent times and with the help of BAO Financial Group, we are hopeful to further grow the game.”

Nayan Agarwal, the CEO of BAO Financial Group, noted “Cricket is more than just a sport and we are proud to be a part of it, to support, inspire and grow the potential of our younger generations.”

We are also pleased to announce that the Cyprus Cricket Association is renewing cricket games, which will be live streaming from Ypsonas ground. We hope that you will join our first live streamed game the 2020 CCA #BAOGroup T20 Cup on June 14.

“Compromise for your Dream but never Compromise on your Dream.” – Imran Khan, one of the best players to have ever played the game.


About BAO Group

BAO Financial Group is a Multi-Faceted Investment Group offering solutions in Fund & Wealth Management along with Investment Advisory Services.

June 11th 2020



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