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FinTech is a fast-progressing industry and being involved there means constantly keeping track of the latest news and finding yourself as part of the dynamic surrounding environment. 

A huge variety of business events frequently take place in autumn as it is an appropriate time for starting a new activity and to sustain business growth. BAO Team is no exception and strives to be aware of the latest innovations and FinTech solutions. Two years in a row we closely followed one of the biggest summits for ICO, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology to gain exposure and be up-to-date with leading industry experts and explore new opportunities.

The right format of this event serves as a great platform for business networking, exhibiting, sharing knowledge, deep learning and many more. The topics discussed during the summit are valuable for the financial services industry as those trends shape up its functioning along with unveiling new opportunities.  Olga Feldmeier, CEO of Smart Valor noted that ‘The tokenization of real-world assets is a huge leap forward in alternative investments, dwarfing everything we've seen so far with cryptocurrencies’.

What is Crypto Summit? Crypto Summit has grown into the largest blockchain conference in Switzerland, bringing together global influencers, top policymakers, investors, and entrepreneurs from around the world. The last edition of Crypto Summit attracted more than 1,400 delegates and leaders from 37 countries. [Source: Crypto Summit]

November 2nd 2018



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