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ICO Summit 2017

During the last two years, Switzerland has become the epicentre of ICO revolution. Enabled by the blockchain technology, this new phenomenon has generated a lot of excitement as well as criticism. BAO team could not pass such a significant event in the Cryptocurrency world, and enriched with a wealth of knowledge and experience for our clients.

At the ICO Summit in Zurich what took a place on 15 September 2017, movers and shakers were shared with guests the inside view of recent dynamics and their vision of cryptofinance of tomorrow. The ICO Summit is also a place where investors could learn about promising blockchain start-ups.

ICO Summit was useful for both sides:

  • Investors could engage with upcoming ICO projects and learn how blockchain-based fundraising is discrupting VC

  • Startups were able to pitch to Swiss and international investors and find out what it takes to conduct a successful and compliant ICO

Source: ICO Summit

September 30th 2017



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